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Getting away from the computer (for a little while) is important, and we love to go camping. We also love using technology. iCookDutch is our first app to help make camping a little easier.

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For cooking on a campout, we often use a dutch oven. We can make everything from main dishes to desserts, but we would always forget the formula for how many coals to use. There’s nothing worse than over-cooking a meal when you’re in the middle of nowhere, so we created a simple app.

Just use the spinners to select the oven size and desired temperature, and select whether you’re baking or frying. The app provides the number of coals to put on the top and bottom.

The number of briquettes will update any time you change a setting (temperature, oven size, or cooking type).

Oven Size

The oven size assumes a typical dutch oven

Increase the size by 2" for a deep oven


The target temperature according to the recipe

Increase the temperature if it is cold or very windy

Cook Type

Use Bake if you’re planning to leave the lid on the dutch oven (for baking, 3/4 of the coals go on top of the lid with the other 1/4 under the oven).

Use Fry if you’re cooking something without the lid.

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