Mobility & Cloud

Sometimes work has to happen away from the office. Client and vendor meetings, conferences, sales calls, and unexpected issues are a reality of business, but they don’t mean that your team can’t stay connected and empowered. Geotech can set up mobile devices and applications to take your office on the road.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD can be win-win for small businesses and employees.

Allowing employees to use their own devices reduces cost for the company, and it prevents your employees from having to carry around multiple devices. But without the right policies and infrastructure, you can put your company’s critical data at risk. Geotech can help develop the right BYOD policies...and implement them. We can also set up and configure devices for your team.

Your Office in the Cloud

Taking your company’s tools on the road is critical to maintaining productivity.

We know how to leverage today’s software for a seamless experience as you go from the office to the airport. We also understand how to develop mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites to keep your team and your clients connected.

But that same remote connection can provide hackers with a way in to your network. Geotech can help set up a secure connection for your employees while protecting your assets.