Our Approach

Navigating digital marketing technology is hard enough, but it’s even harder if you don’t have a map.

The first – and by far the most important - step is to tailor a strategy for your customers and your business objectives.

It Starts with Strategy

Understanding your market and your customers’ experience is critical to making meaningful impacts. We look at your market, talk to customers & employees, check out your competition, and leverage the data that you have. The result is a comprehensive picture that drives decisions and investment.

  • To truly understand their experience, we develop customer personas and then examine your unique value to that specific type of customer.
  • We also look at the business side. Small businesses need to make every dollar count, so we build a strategy – based on your business objectives – that delivers quick wins while building a foundation for bigger things.

From there, we decide on priorities, and then we build (and execute) a plan to identify and reach out to new potential customers and to build on the existing relationships through a combination of marketing and operational tactics. The result is an integrated, holistic approach to digital and technology that brings customers in the door and keeps them coming back.

Your customers' experience is multi-faceted, so your approach has to be. Unlike Marketing Firms, IT Consultants, or Secuirty Professionals, Geotech takes a holistic approach that considers all aspects of your customer relationship:

Marketing Strategies

New customers need to be able to find you and existing customers need to remember you. Being visible across digital and social media is essential, and it’s not as hard (or expensive) as you think.

We deliver targeted programs leveraging Email, Paid and Organic Search, Display, and Social Media, and we measure them to make sure they’re effective. Then we tweak to maximize your investment.


Customers are annoyed when things seem harder than they should be, and when your employees are spending time working around the system, they aren’t servicing your customers.

Geotech builds in expertise around operations and technology to make sure that your business can deliver a frustration-free experience for your customers.

Protecting Your Reputation

We also consider critical brand-protection strategies like data governance, accountability, and security that are often overlooked with devastating consequences.

Geotech can help you set up your digital presence while keeping your data and assets safe.