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Geotech is a local, family business with a simple goal: to make marketing & technology into assets instead of obstacles. We are committed to serving small businesses and starups in and around Howard County, MD.

We've been in Howard County for 17 years, and there's no doubt this is our home. We've discovered amazing friends in our diverse and progressive community, and after years of helping Fortune 500 companies perfect their customers' experiences, I want to give something back.

The Geotech Story

Since he was in the third grade, my son’s career aspiration has been to own his own business.  As he got older, and it became apparent that he was sincere, I realized that I was in a great position to help nurture this dream.

I was good at the standard dad duties: camping, hiking & biking together; driving the Rock Band/Krav Maga/Boy Scouts taxi; and the occasional (ok, maybe more than occasional) video game, but this was a unique opportunity for me.  I’ve been fortunate to learn from some great business minds, and I saw an opportunity for a fun way to pass on some of that knowledge.

The two of us started a small business, Geotech, as a practical laboratory to learn about the business world.

We had some fun setting things up, and then it was time to get a little more serious with a business plan. We talked about potential markets, where we saw problems, how we could create solutions, and how we could produce value. It started out as a cool hands-on lesson, but a funny thing happened. As we looked for opportunities to generate value, we saw many of our friends with small businesses struggling with marketing & technology.

We both love technology and we enjoy helping people learn to use technology, so two things jumped out at us:

  • As aspiring entrepreneurs, we could see situations all around us where smart, inspired entrepreneurs were fighting technology instead of building their businesses.

  • As customers ourselves, we noticed inconsistencies in communication, follow-up, or product/service delivery were negatively affecting our experience.  They were “little things”, but they were also easy to fix.

After years of working with Fortune 500 companies on perfecting their customers' experiences, I realized that there were people right here in our community with the same problem...
...and we knew how to help.

Maybe this could be more than a lesson for my son.

It's still a work in progress, but for now, our goal is simple:  Help local small businesses and start-ups by making technology an asset instead of an obstacle.

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We're still getting started, so the best way to reach us is to email us with a description of your challenge. We'll respond right away.

Geotech, LLC is located in Ellicott City, MD, and we offer on-site support and consultation for businesses in Howard County.