Customer Experience Engineering

Leveraging the power of digital marketing & cloud technology to build awesome customer relationships.

At Geotech, we love the digital worlds, and we love helping people use digital technology to make things better.

Geotech brings together technology and marketing to find customers, build stronger relationships, and empower your business to deliver an experience that you can be proud of.

Your customers have virtually unlimited choices and high expectations for their experience with your business. They expect personalized engagement that is seamless across your website, on a phone, and in your store. To succeed in today's economy, small businesses must have a coherent message that resonates, as well as the capability to deliver.

Our Capabilities

Geotech provides consulting, digital and traditional marketing, and technology solutions. Our approach is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of your business, your market, and your customers. This foundation, coupled with deep expertise, allows us to find the right investments that will deliver Awesome Customer Experiences.

In the Digital World

Your business needs a digital presence. Websites and social media are powerful marketing tools to connect with your customers and prospects.

But your digital reputation doesn't stop with marketing. Data governance, network & data security, and training your team to deal with the latest threats is essnetial to keeping your customers' trust.

Geotech can help you set up your digital presence while keeping your data and assets safe.

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In the Office

To make business work, your team needs the right tools to do their jobs.

People and relationships are the key, but a robust and secure infrastructure is the foundation of a great customer experience. By keeping your team productive and building a strong collaborative environment, your employees will be empowered to deliver.

Geotech can help set your office up with the right tools to get things done.

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Mobility & Cloud

Sometimes work has to happen away from the office. On-site services, client and vendor meetings, conferences, sales calls, and unexpected issues are a reality of business. But they don’t mean that your team can’t stay connected and empowered.

Geotech can set up mobile devices and applications to take your office on the road.

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